Meet Our Coaches

Coach Jeremiah Sloan

“Hi I’m Jeremiah. I am a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer that has been with CFNS for 1 year and I’ve been completely blown away by the awesome community we have here! Prior to CFNS, I was part of the CrossFit coaching staff at the Hanscom Warrior Training Center in Massachusetts. What I love about coaching is the opportunity to meet new people and to help them get more out of life by becoming healthier. There is something deeply rewarding about watching folks commit to and achieve their goals both in and out of the gym!”

Coach Aaron Webb

Hi I’m Aaron. I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost 3 years now. I’ve been here at Natural State for a year so far. I have my Level 1 Crossfit Certification and have been coaching for a year now. I love to help people achieve better health through Crossfit and try to do my best to make them feel prepared for every workout. I love the atmosphere and community aspect of Crossfit. I think it’s a very constructive environment for anyone that is seeking to better themselves. I’m a very loud and energetic person, but I promise I don’t bite! I’d love to help you to the best of my ability. All you have to do is ask!

Owner & Coach Aaron Headley

I believe that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Hard work, determination, and a positive mindset will take you a very long way. Just go for it.

I started working out consistently, focusing on my health/fitness during college. I was going to school to be a high school English teacher (I have always had a desire to help others learn and make an impact). The more I fell in love with learning about fitness and proper nutrition, the more I realized that I was headed down the path of the wrong career choice. What didn’t change was my passion to help others. So, while working a full-time job, starting a family, and going to school full-time, I decided to start the certification process of becoming a personal trainer.

One decision lead to another and (fast-forward) I quit school and left my job to become the general manager of a personal training business inside a local health club. There were a lot of things that I loved about the job: meeting new people, being a part of their fitness journey, and making an impact by helping them learn more about becoming fit. Also, this position is where I was introduced to CrossFit!

One of my employees, Dylan Vangilder, and I had become good friends and started to workout together regularly. One day, we decided to give CrossFit a try. I fell in love with the intensity, the excitement, and most of all, the COMMUNITY that CrossFit Natural State brought to the table and was 100% bought in!

4 years later, with hard work, determination, and a positive mindset all backed by my strong, supportive wife, Vanna , I became a CrossFit Level 1 coach and the proud owner of Natural State. I believe that this was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I thank God everyday for blessing Vanna, Urban and myself with such an incredible community of like-minded , caring people.  I love our box and we will never lose sight of its purpose. We are here to help you reach success by promoting a healthy lifestyle, educating in terms of fitness, nutrition and overall health, and keeping the members of our amazing community accountable. See you at the gym.

Again, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

-Aaron Headley



Coach Finis Kelso
Hello everyone! I’m Finis Kelso.
I’m One of the CrossFit L1 trainers at Natural State Strength & Condiditioning
Home of CrossFit Natural State.
I’ve been an L1 Trainer for 2 years and training in CrossFit for
8 years now. What I most enjoy about CrossFit is the community it builds.
Age doesn’t matter here. You can change your life if you have the will, because
we have the skill to train you to your ultimate goal.
Come join me!! We’ll travel this fitness journey together =)
Coach Jordan Ramm
I’ve always been an athlete, whether it was volleyball, swimming, or track in high school; or intramurals in college. I started off in college pursuing a degree in Exercise Science and after getting my ACSM Personal Trainer Certificate, was a personal trainer at 10Fitness. I knew I wanted to have some career focused on helping others achieve their goals, and exercise was what I knew and lived every day. I ended up going through the Physical Therapist Assistant program and combined the passion I had for exercise, with the love I had for people and interaction.
I walked into Crossfit Natural State 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since. After the first workout, I was hooked! It has turned into my second home. Some of my best friends are the people I see and work out with every day. They keep me focused, push me to be the best athlete, and when I’ve had a crap day they pick me up and are there to make me smile. Part of CFNS that is unbeatable is the community.
I finally decided to get my CF-L1 to merge what I do for a living, with what I do for fun! Crossfit has been a part of my life for so long, and it’s something that I feel so passionately about. Helping others realize their true potential and reach fitness, along with nutritional, goals is like no other. Our health is our legacy, our fitness is what keeps us functional. I want to help the people of the Jonesboro community realize what all Crossfit has to offer, and help people achieve their goals! I would love to answer any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.
 -Jordan Ramm
Coach Andy Lung
Being involved in sports from the age of 4, it’s a shock both emotionally and physically when you cease being an “athlete.” I think most people go through that transition, and I’m no different. I missed being competitive and challenging myself physically. Finding CrossFit has given me that back, and it provides an outlet for the athlete inside me.
Natural State has been my Crossfit home for 3 years, and I love our community so much. Many of our members have become friends, and caring for them and desiring to help them achieve goals… well it made the decision to get my CF-L1 one of the easiest I’ve made. I’ve always loved being helpful to others, and my hope is to push you and to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals!      -Andy Lung
Coach Logan Techmer
Hey, I’m Logan . I am a CF-L1 Trainer. I have been in and around the fitness industry for many years. I actively train in boxing, jiu jitsu, and CrossFit. CrossFit became a passion of mine when I saw how great of a community it was. Don’t let my credentials fool you. When I first started CrossFit I was intimidated. New gym, new movements, new people, new atmosphere unlike anything that I have ever experienced. The Coaches and members at Natural State took me in like family so I strive to do the same as a coach. Still second guessing it? CrossFit is attractive to me because of its functionality. Meaning movements we use on a daily basis are movements we train in the gym. No matter the age, lack of mobility, physical weakness, or mental barriers, all are welcome to better themselves with CrossFit. So if you’re looking to join a class or want personal training, your journey starts here! Allow us at CrossFit Natural State to be a part of your fitness goals.  -Logan T.
Coach Chamy Keough

For the almost three years Crossfit has been a very important part of my life. I walked into Crossfit Natural State in January of 2017. Although I was intimidated at first, the comradery of the members and passion the coaches had for the sport hooked me immediately. Crossfit is a stress relief, a motivation, a push to live healthier, and a healthy way to test and improve both physical and mental limitations. Because of these changes that I have seen in my own life and Crossfit experience, I have now gained my CF-L1 allowing me to coach. I am very excited to continue growing with my Natural State community as we all strive each day to live more active and positive lifestyles. -Chamy Keough


Coach Will Oliver

I wasn’t the fastest, tallest, or most athletic kid growing up until I discovered the weight room. I began to see my athleticism increase the more I went to the gym and trained. I was fascinated by the phenomenon I was experiencing, it seemed like the harder I worked, the better athlete I became. I turned that fascination into a profession by learning the science behind exercise and thereby using it to create opportunities for others to improve their athleticism and fitness. I’ve recently extended that realm of opportunity to CrossFit Natural State as a coach, working with some the best people I’ve had the pleasure of coaching. The physical building itself has a super positive vibe that invites you in and makes you want to stay. Above all else though, in the same way a church is not a building, it is the community of people at CrossFit Natural State that makes it feel like home. Proud to be a part of such a (literal) strong community.